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A smattering of apps for your leisurely perusal:

I have worked on dozens of iPhone/iPad apps over the last 10 years, some written from the ground up, all the way to App Store submission.  Many others were for clients who hired me to fix existing apps, or maintain and add features to existing apps.

My Cool Apps: Projects

Bible Memory Verses

Bible Memory Verses is an ongoing project I built originally in 2010 using Objective-C.  With the advent of Swift, my client and I decided to rewrite the app from scratch using Swift.  It is currently available on the App Store.  We are currently working on version 3.6, and have plans to add features over time, including non-English versions.

Bible Memory Verses has thousands of daily users.


RSL As One

RSL As One is the official iOS mobile app of the Real Salt Lake Soccer team.  I rearchitected a base code to create a beautiful iPhone/iPad app.


StagePlot Guru

StagePlot Guru is a Stage designer aimed at helping musicians design their stage for stage workers to use.  Heavy use of graphics and inApp purchases.  I created the original product for a famous drummer who still maintains the app and adds features regularly.


My Age in Seconds

My Age in Seconds is basically a timer app I wrote for fun.  Enjoy!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 7 - 2017-10-31 at 11.59.26.png

Trump Around the World

Trump Around the World is an entertainment piece which utilizes some basic game concepts and general creativity.  It is not meant to offend, rather, it is meant to make people laugh and enjoy!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 7 - 2017-10-31 at 12.00.11.png

Utah Arts Festival

I created the official iPhone app for the Utah Arts festival for the years 2010-2013.  It was a content based info app which pulled scheduling and other informational data from their website and displayed for festival goers.


Music Drills

Music Drills is an teaching assistant app I created for a Texan client which used advanced graphics display to allow a user to practice basic music theory ideas.  It contains a piano keyboard and SFX interaction with the user.


Strike Knight

StrikeKnight is a bowling game I created many years ago.  Not available on App Store due to OS11 issues and age of app.


FieldGoal Frenzie

FieldGoal Frenzie is a field goal kicking game I created for Skyworks Interactive in 2009.


Quarterback Pass Attack

I built Quarterback Pass Attack from scratch using Objective-C in 2009.

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